I'm Maggie

I live in Seattle. I'm a writer and strategist. 
I'm a fast-talking, fast-writing, right- and left-brained eagle-eyed jack-knife ace-in-the-hole kind of worker with a fondness for weird idioms and a distaste for jargon. Just don't ask me to dig any ditches. My upper arm strength is terrible.

I like thinking about... 
Books, TV shows, gender roles and dynamics, celebrity culture, myths, stereotypes, mythologies, relationships, politics, social change, workplace dynamics, Internet culture, poetry, short stories, the 20th century, global development, education, the arts, activism, the environment, income inequality, family leave, universal health care, and the age-old debate about dogs vs. cats (the answer is dogs).  

Someone called me Dorothy Parker once and I lost my mind with happiness. 
I write the blog Dear Mr. Postman. It's a labor of love, and I've been doing it since 2008. On it, you will find no pictures, no cartoons of cats, no vines or YouTubes. You will find essays. Right now I mostly write about online dating and other concerns of the Internet age. I also write about relationships in general, gender roles, families, and what it's like being smack-dab in the middle of the Millennial wave pool. I try not to end my posts in rhetorical questions about whether shoes are as meaningful as love. But I definitely spent several weeks in junior year of college watching every episode of Sex and the City. These days I'd rather watch Broad City. Thank you to the creators for creating that.

I think everyone should be a feminist.
I don't have a lot to say about this. Well, I have thousands of things to say on the topic of feminism, gender relations, and the intersections of race, class, gender. But it's pretty simple. I believe humans are equal and should have equal rights, protections, and respect given to them by institutions, society, and culture. I hope you believe that too and are willing to own it, publicly and loudly. I believe in recognizing inequality where it exists. Say the word "humanist" to me if you want to watch my eyes roll like timber in a log-rolling contest for lumberjacks.

Seattle is...
Home. Changing. Still a logging town at heart. Going through an awkward puberty stage. Sort of wants to beat up Portland like a younger sibling but seems to have a rather silent and ill-informed crush on Vancouver, like an older sibling that moved out before we ever really knew her. Has terrible weather. Don't move here. Please, everyone, stop moving here.

I come with skills.
Typing really fast; parallel parking; being able to write and edit in HTML and InDesign; basic HTML knowledge in general; thinking about UX; wireframing websites; working well and closely with graphic designers, web designers, and web developers; knowing how to use a variety of things required for the 21st century such as Wordpress, Squarespace, Facebook, Twitter, Hootsuite, Instagram, Mailchimp, Microsoft Office, Sharepoint (don't ask), Access (really, don't ask); seven years of schooling in Spanish which I can only ever remember when I'm traveling in Italy; spelling like a badass; other things I can't think of right now including having a mind like a steel trap.