SAM had four graphic designers to the one copywriter (me). I teamed up with each of the graphic designers in turn to come up with several different poster concepts for this cool contemporary exhibition about masquerades. This was my concept, brilliantly executed by one of the talented graphic designers. Disguise is an extremely cinematic exhibition, so we worked with the idea of a movie poster, plastered with pre-reviews. The words partially obscure the image, mimicking the nature of a mask—now you see me, now you don't. The words serve to describe the exhibition without explaining it, engaging the audience's imagination and keeping the mystery intact.

While SAM ultimately didn't end up using this poster concept for Disguise, it remains one of my favorite projects I did there. The design they chose was more classically aligned with the museum industry's standard for letting the visuals do the talking—but this came close. On the plus side...since I was on all of the "teams," there was no way for me to lose this battle.

And we created a can't-look-away campaign video. I wrote the copy. 

The webpage for the exhibition had zingy copy. "When our experiences become difficult or curious, how do we confront what can't be explained?" served as both an invitation to the audience to participate in the masquerade and a description of what they were about to encounter: an exhibition that could not be explained, that was purposefully designed to be experienced